Liquid Sensitizer

Hand sanitation liquid – Your best guard against germs

A perfect self-hygiene is one of the proven ways to protect yourself from any hazards, be it pathogens, viruses, or fungi. Thus, if you’re carefully washing your hands a few times a day, use sanitizers or wet wipes, the chances of catching a disease are extremely low. These days when humanity is struggling to stop coronavirus spread, it is essential to use all protective means to save lives. 

That said, a liquid hand sanitizer is one of the best ways to kill the germs. It is considered to be a more effective option than soap when it comes to getting rid of bacteria. The main components of sanitizers are ethanol, isopropanol, or benzalkonium chloride. These active ingredients are extremely effective in addressing pathogens and other disease-causing microorganisms. When you wash your hands with regular soap, you cannot get rid of all species of bacteria, while a hand sanitation liquid beats them all. 

However, not all of these personal hygiene essentials have a potent antibacterial effect. Those sanitizers that have less than 60% of alcohol in their composition cannot kill all germs on your hands that makes them not effective against coronavirus or influenza. We recommend you to carefully read the information indicated on the packaging before buying a hand sanitizer. Thus, the products intended for children should have a lesser percent of alcohol. They need to be hypoallergenic and moisturize the skin. 

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